Protasov's diet

1 week:
In 1-st day, and also 2-nd, 3-rd and so all the week long it is necessary to eat only crude vegetables, and also cheeses and yoghurts of fat content of 5 %. (It is a question not of sweet yoghurt with additives, and about natural yoghurt) it is possible to replace Yoghurt with kefir or curdled milk. It is authorized to eat 1 boiled egg from other products in day. Yoghurts it is possible to eat vegetables and 5 % in unlimited quantity and at any time. Sense of this progressive diet in eating it is as much as possible vegetables and some 5 % of dairy products. For example, it is possible to eat cucumbers strewing them of 5 % with a brynza, to dip tomatoes and the Bulgarian pepper in yoghurt, and it is possible to make salad of every possible vegetables, to crumble there a boiled egg and to strew all a brynza. Tea, coffee it is possible in any quantity (certainly, without sugar), and water without fail 2 л in day. As a bonus for good behaviour Protasov also resolves within day to eat 3 more green apples.
2 week:
The second week differs nothing from the first. Those who was solved on this diet, approve, that from second week the desire is that or, except for vegetables, yoghurts and apples vanishes. Many even refuse a boiled egg which with greed eat in the beginning of a diet.
3 week:
On the third week to vegetables and yoghurts is added a piece fried meat (300g), birds or fishes. And here reception dairy on the third week needs to be reduced. Vegetables, yoghurts, meat, an egg and apples it is necessary to eat 3 more weeks, including together with this and all. In 2 last weeks there is the most intensive loss weights. By the way, during all period the organism so gets used to such diet, that already hardly perceives fried a potato, pel'menis or a bread and butter. With the purpose of clearing of an organism Protasov advises to repeat this cycle yearly everything, even at whom problems with excess weight are not present.
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